Atrangi Re, a review.

After watching Atrangi Re, I read the professionally written reviews to see if any matched mine- no, they were largely complimentary except for the one in First Post where the reviewer seemed as horror struck as me. Then I scanned through the individual reviews on Google, I read a review by a seemingly young woman [...]

OTT and Mental Health

OTT recently threw up two surprisingly sensitive, sincere depictions of mental health. The first one was Kapil Sharma's "I'm Not Done Yet", a one-man standup show. I watched it with some trepidation, because a cis man's idea of humour has always been to mock those less powerful than him. But it's nice to see that [...]

Amar Jawan Jyoti

MemoriesOne of the hardest things about a loved one inflicted with dementia is that because all the memories have gradually disappeared, the person is left with no ability to assess risk or rewards. It makes them angry, jumpy and always terrified. Even mundane events like cutting of nails or baths may cause tremendous anxiety.Eventually as [...]

The Andawala

I know this image is supposed to be funny, but when in peak pandemic lockdown, there was nothing else available, I could always count on my anda-pavwala.I don't know what it's like in other parts of the country but in Mumbai you will first hear them before you see them. All of our urban Mumbai [...]

The Sweetness of Shahrukh

Maybe now it's different, one hardly goes out to know better. But when one was younger, there was a distinct gender divide when one went to parties or gatherings. The men or those who wished to be known as real men of the world hung out with each other having a drink, talking shop, while [...]

The Hoopoe

The Hoopoe is a very very weird bird. Naturally, it is one of my favourites. Among it's many weird-ities: The female of the species lays the most beautiful cerulean eggs...and then proceeds to constantly paint them with her poop until they turn stinky and grey. The greyer and stinkier they get, the more the father [...]

A Kingfisher Study

The first time I have tried to work in gouache (the painting in black), to bring out that opaque iridescent phthalo blue and viridian green of Kingfishers, particularly when they soar out of water. I then topped it up with soft pastels to enhance the shimmer.