The English name for her Is Tuberose, a name so unimaginative For a flower such as  Rajnigandha. She's not much to look at I admit, Ordinary as flowers go, Too tall, too thin and she scatters Easily, one ill-wind away            from                         falling By day you'd pass, unimpressed, The bunch you stuck into a vase Recycled [...]

Ode To the Bombay Autorickshaws.

You know the world has irrevocably changed when an MH02 autorickshaw agrees to to go to an MH03 destination. Let me explain. Like in most big cities, you can look at the number plates of kaali-peelis and autorickshaws to tell which part of Bombay they are from. MH01 would mean South Bombay, MH02, Bandra-Andheri, MH03 [...]