One Day

All of a sudden, what happened, they asked?They didn't remember the things they had said,Red lipstick makes you look like a Grant Road prostitute.Your hair is the only beautiful thing about you.Why don't you colour your hair? You'll look so good.White makes you look darker than you already are.Where's the bindi? What are you, a [...]

Write an essay on: My Pet Peeve

Seminal, Adjectivesem·​i·​nal | \ ˈse-mə-nᵊl \Definition of seminal1: of, relating to, or consisting of seed or semenseminal discharge2: containing or contributing the seeds of later development : CREATIVE, ORIGINALEg. A seminal book The egg that made me was in my mother's ovaries when she was a 7 month old foetus in my grandmother's womb. Yes. [...]

Brahminism is Casteism

I remember a conversation where an acquaintance accused me of being casteist for using the phrase 'tam-bram' cuisine. I fought back energetically, saying but it's what my mother cooked. I am brahmin born, in a Tamil family. What am I supposed to call it?But this is our problem, those of us who are Sawarna. Our [...]

Pirandai/ Hadjod/Adamant creeper Chutney.

I love it that ancient botanists- herbalists were very literal people. But they might as well have placed neon signs on this plant when they called it Hadjod or Asthisamharaka or Bone-setter. Like, no imagination required. If ancient Raju sprained his ankle from playing ancient games, ancient daadi would grind some Hadjod and apply a [...]

1001 Reasons

Never ask someoneWhy they fell out of love with you.They will have 1001 reasons. Each of them more poetic than the last.I promise you,You aren't going to like even one.So you will give them 1001 reasons to please love you. You will begin at sun up and end at sun up and thus you will [...]

A Prayer.

If ever there was a prayer for these Covid times, it would be this, "May all our sinks be ever filled with dirty dishes." For it meant a belly full of food. It means that we aren’t migrant workers, the poorest of the poor, walking hundreds of kilometres to our village, in the blazing sun, [...]

Miracles in the time of Corona

Is it pathetic that I weepTo have found a God who listened?If this wasn't proof then what was,A brand new Hawkins pressure cooker gasket.Although perhaps it was a goddess who would understandThe horror of looking at steam escaping impotently from the sides of the cooker.It has to be divine intervention,For I have never demonstrated this [...]

The Spear-Shield Paradox

There is an old paradox, ‘Irresistible force meets immovable object’. The earliest mention of this paradox appears in 3rd century, BCE Chinese philosophical book Han Feizi where it's called the spear and shield paradox, what would happen if a spear that can cut through any shield meets a shield that can resist any weapon.In Greek [...]