Coffee, Tea or Me

I'm always chastised for leaving in the cup, A little coffee or tea or me, This is the foresight of the lonely, I protest. A little bit of stagnant hope that can be continually rewarmed, In the microwave, whose tinny music Is more soothing than judgemental. At the lowest ebb, peering over the edge of [...]

Mind Your Pain

After two weeks of no exercise and pretty much sitting for hours on end trying to meet a deadline, I step onto the track reluctantly. My brain tells me I should be out partying over successfully beating the deadline, not dragging my inertia-laden body to the gymkhana for my evening run. One kilometre into the [...]


I'll have you know, me lovelies That the opposite of pain is not pleasure (Though there is pleasure in pain, the kinky folks will have us believe). The opposite of pain is not no-pain either Uh huh, no. The opposite of pain is numbness. Not comfortably so, Roger Waters, bless your soul, you were on [...]