Defining the indefinite

Sitting outside our #HouseInTheHills, the air fragrant with the scent of dope growing wild, listening to this technological wonder called Carvaan that I tote around the house like Linus would his security blanket, we watch Dusk settle her deep mantle around the sleepy village we are fortunate to call home. Almost on cue the fireflies [...]

Navrang, V Shantaram and Sandhya

  Divakar AKA Kavi Navrang yearns for an Abhisarika in his wife, a naayika so impassioned that she won’t let storms, poisonous snakes or propriety, stand in her way as she races towards her lover. Imagine Lakshmi swooning in Vikram’s arms to, ‘Na kuchh tere bas mein, Julie’, in the eponymous film. Instead Divakar is [...]

Gorgeous Song Alert   This beautiful dirge of a song, it amuses me, annoys me, moves me, I love it. It was the mellifluous Sudha Malhotra's swansong at the ripe old age of 23. If she had hung around, she'd have given the Mangeshkar Family Singers a run for their money. Rumour has it that her scandalous affair [...]