An average homeschooling day

I’m always accused of being disciplined and brave by the mere virtue of being a homeschooling parent. I swear to god, I’m none of the above. My kids are ill-brought-up and as idiotic their parents. Yesterday, in the middle of desperately yawning through ancient Egyptian history of Cheops and Isis and Osiris and Nut and Geb, we’d had enough. It was a beautiful wintry afternoon. Kid1 has been experimenting with stop-motion animation and my boss Ranu has been accusing me of not pulling my weight in Heranya. So we killed two birds with one stone (also a third bird, if I could please pretend it was experiential learning) and this was the slightly bloody result. Kid 2 decided to score the music on his penny-whistle with Scarborough Fair for no particular reason.

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