They decriminalized adultery. Apparently my broken heart is no longer The problem of the government of India. We'll just have to depend on your conscience now. I'm not entirely without proof though, We weren't alone when you swore To love, to cherish, to honour, to protect, to abide, and not even death can do us [...]


Of all weapons one can wield in love, It is the most effective. A controlled demolition, The kind used to implode Old buildings inwards, Into themselves. What's left then is a dust mote That settles on the shoulder of a passerby, And easily brushed off. An insignificant speck, That I am reduced to By your [...]


Do judge my art, my heart. It was our love that bloomed In verse, We share copyright For better and for worse. And as long as I'm not banned, I'll even hold your hand, As you scythe and rip and rend This offering of my heart, my heart. So be cruel and critical and fierce, [...]


The colours are changing. The silver in my hair stealing a march over the blacks, The carpet that's begun to match the drapes. The youthful 'tch’ of irritation My teen makes as I ask him to thread the needle, Explain the mysteries of Instagram, Find my glasses. The eyes that flashed fire. Mriganayani, the lover [...]