Crying would be much more fun If it wasn't so uncomfortable. It's supposed to be catharsis, not Cauterized eyes and dripping noses. I want to be that sexy lady in a Diaphanous nightie, stretched out On a chaise lounge Weeping into an ineffectual lace hanky. The moonlight streams in, And in walks Guru Dutt singing [...]


Ever since I learnt of this Japanese technique of Kintsukuroi, Heartbreak has become more Manageable. You know when they say, get a hobby to get over it? Well, decorating my heart is my hobby. I have always been clumsy with this heart of mine, Wearing it on my sleeve as I do. But now, A [...]

Rebellion v/s Reform

My parents got married in the year 1967 in my mother’s maternal home on the banks of her beloved Kaveri river. As I flip through the pages of sepia-toned photographs of my parents’ wedding album, a stray thought floats by, the sepia in these pictures must have come from the ink of a real-live Cuttlefish [...]


Fair, is it? That you know I'm talking about skin colour And not about justice and equality and honour? With all the browns In my Camlin watercolour palette, I would only use peach to paint The skin of the princesses I drew With golden hair and blue eyes for good measure. And yet everywhere I [...]


They decriminalized adultery. Apparently my broken heart is no longer The problem of the government of India. We'll just have to depend on your conscience now. I'm not entirely without proof though, We weren't alone when you swore To love, to cherish, to honour, to protect, to abide, and not even death can do us [...]