It Takes A Village

So much has been said about the safety of women, our daughters in our country. The fear-mongering and divisiveness and the shrill voices have been growing and it has been a very depressing time. After I wrote my poem  A Mother’s Lament   a friend challenged to tell a happy story about how daughters are [...]

Navrang, V Shantaram and Sandhya

  Divakar AKA Kavi Navrang yearns for an Abhisarika in his wife, a naayika so impassioned that she won’t let storms, poisonous snakes or propriety, stand in her way as she races towards her lover. Imagine Lakshmi swooning in Vikram’s arms to, ‘Na kuchh tere bas mein, Julie’, in the eponymous film. Instead Divakar is [...]

A Mother’s Lament

A fawn called Compassion Bright eyed, filled with life’s promise Skipping and playing, as all young things must on the meadow of wildflowers Dappled with spring’s soft sunlight When the wolves came calling. Her mother hadn’t yet taught her fear Her mother hadn’t yet taught her shame Her mother hadn’t yet taught her stranger danger [...]