Hands that wear bangles

These are the hands that wear the bangles. On these hands does henna blossom. These are the hands that etch the rangoli. On these hands are small scars, burn marks from hot griddles upon which these hands roast rotis, mementos of passionate nights when bangles clinked and broke. These are the hands held up in [...]

Our Children

We turned the rain acid And kept them indoors with smartphones and tuitions. We drained the aquifers And taught them that water comes in tankers. Burnt the forests And gave them palm oil cosmetics to pretty themselves Poisoned the oceans and the land And gave them vitamin supplements We made air visible at AQI 600 [...]

Giving up

There are a lot of negative connotations associated with the phrase 'give up' or 'giving up'. Giving up seems defeatist and therefore those who give up are deemed losers. Praise is reserved for those who 'fight for it' or 'fight back' or 'die fighting'. There was a rape victim in the US, who in the [...]


Do judge my art, my heart. It was our love that bloomed In verse, We share copyright For better and for worse. And as long as I'm not banned, I'll even hold your hand, As you scythe and rip and rend This offering of my heart, my heart. So be cruel and critical and fierce [...]