The Witness

The Warboys of Mad Max:Fury Road are the expendable youthful army of Immortan Joe, who live only to serve him and usually die in the process. They go to their deaths willingly, even eagerly, spray painting their mouths in chrome, looking forward to their afterlives in Valhalla ( 72 virgins, anyone?). And yet as they [...]

The King

The King Sri Rama sat on his throne eagerly awaiting the news of his kingdom and citizens that his spies were bringing him from all parts of the country. Five of the six spies reported only good news. It seemed everyone was prospering, the harvest had been bountiful, there were no major illnesses breaking out [...]

The Superstar

A story, part history, part metaphor, of a mountain so impassable, that it blocked the transition of celestial bodies. It took Vindhyakuta, the bender of Vindhya, Agastya, to achieve the unachievable. And when the mighty mountain bent to the will of the Sage, an extraordinary celestial body was made visible.  And so, the brightest star in the Southern skies, was named after one of the greatest Indians of all time.