Write an essay on: My Pet Peeve

Seminal, Adjective
sem·​i·​nal | \ ˈse-mə-nᵊl \
Definition of seminal
1: of, relating to, or consisting of seed or semen
seminal discharge
2: containing or contributing the seeds of later development : CREATIVE, ORIGINAL
Eg. A seminal book

The egg that made me was in my mother’s ovaries when she was a 7 month old foetus in my grandmother’s womb. Yes. The potential of us existed within our grandmothers even before our mothers were born. Think about that for a whole minute.
The egg is the oldest and the biggest and the smartest cell in the human body. And yet the smallest newest mass produced cell is considered the genesis of creativity.
Current research shows that eggs draw the sperm of their choice to them, the EGG CHOOSES, debunking the old theory that the fastest, sharpest swimmers impregnate the passive, shy egg. Sperm have just one job, and almost all of them fail at it.
So the next time you describe someone’s work, art, as seminal, like it were an incredible compliment, desist.

Change your adjective to Ovaric instead.

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