1001 Reasons

Never ask someone
Why they fell out of love with you.
They will have 1001 reasons. Each of them more poetic than the last.
I promise you,
You aren’t going to like even one.
So you will give them 1001 reasons to please love you. You will begin at sun up and end at sun up and thus you will keep alive the dying embers a while longer.
Nothing hurts more than a million shattered dreams piercing the heart that never learns to smarten up.
And so you will try like Scheherazade.
Who incidentally won the sweepstakes after trying 1001 times.
They wrote a book about her cleverness.
Don’t be like her.
Dream an unreasonable love. Sticky, messy, wild. Where you hold your heart in the palm of your hands and your lover receives it as though they cannot believe their good fortune.
It may never happen.
But don’t settle for less.
Do you really need a love that requires reasons?

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