Our Children

We turned the rain acid

And kept them indoors with smartphones and tuitions.

We drained the aquifers

And taught them that water comes in tankers.

Burnt the forests

And gave them palm oil cosmetics to pretty themselves

Poisoned the oceans and the land

And gave them vitamin supplements

We made air visible at AQI 600

And promoted nebulisers.

We cut the trees

And taught them carbon sequestration properties of the Metro.

We sent them to school to give board exams

And sent them to college to get jobs.

We punished them for their questions

We robbed them of their future.

We really tried.

But children, they are a bit wild.

And once they found the poets and their poetry, we were truly doomed.

Main nahi maanta. I don’t buy it.

Hum dekhenge. We are looking at you.

Their steady gaze cutting through our bullshit.

Try pressing a blade of grass down.

Children spring and they are spring.

In the darkest winter, a very subversive baby was born, harbinger of spring.

Born to dissent. Like all children.

Listen to them.

No one venerates Pontius Pilate.

Image credit: Internet

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