A few days ago, I had had a conversation on FB about boundaries that one draws around oneself, boundaries of revulsion and fear. Well, two of mine were erased today. One was to rescue and release a huge Black ( Pariah) Kite and other was in being forced to acknowledge my fellow rescuer, our building watchman as a human. The kite had got enmeshed in a nylon wire, the kind we use to scrub pots and pans. The wire was twisted and embedded tightly around its neck and its wings and its feet and it was just about able to hop around. I tried to outsource the rescue to a local animal shelter, but no one came. I was frankly terrified to approach the bird, even though unable to fly, it’s beak and talons looked formidable. Then the watchman whom I’ve had good reason to consider untrustworthy and borderline sleazy came to help. And then he and I had to sit in close proximity for close to an hour trying to free the bird from the strangulation of a Gordian knot. Strangely, the bird who kept trying to hop away from me, lay down quietly, trustingly when the watchman approached it from the other direction.Not once did she snap or claw at us while we worked on freeing her. She more than me knew who among us was truly trustworthy in a life and death situation.

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