The Fall



I want to have a mother of all meltdowns,
Smash the racket and my crown,
Drag the arbitrator
From his throne.
And for good measure,
Pin him to a board
Dissected at leisure
The insect that he is.
These are my grazing grounds,
The people I grew up around.
If they will not contain,
My victory, my passion, my pain
Who will…
No excuses, the club has rules.
We allowed you in, aren’t we cool?
I smashed my way in, fool,
Until you ran out of excuses.
They point to the sky.
She flies too high
(For a girl).
My waxen wings melting
My fall disgraceful
No pirouette nor twirl
But a resounding crash,
Always so brash
For a girl.

Calling on Shiva @ Kailasha
To break the fall,
With his cascading locks,
As she hurtles down.
So secure in his masculinity,
Offering his stillness and his head,
As the pitstop
For Ganga
To gather, harness
And yoke her resources,
And burst forth
Shattering ancient rock
And other hard places
On her path-breaking journey.

Photo credit: #alexisohanian #peniel_enchill

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